Through the use of videography, you capture expressions, inflection and reactions that you don’t get simply on paper.

Seeing is believing. Show the jury the what you saw and heard when the witness testified in deposition. You can embed in their minds what sold you on making your case. Keep it real. Keep it simple. It’s right before their eyes when you use videography.

Videography has various effects on the witness but carries great weight in settling your case. Capture moments of truth on DVD that we provide to you with standard delivery being 10 business days. If you need your DVD early, simply let us know and we can accommodate your wish.

Video Synchronization is also available. Simply let us know you would like all your videotaped jobs synched or only selected ones.

All our videotaped DVD’s have time coding and date stamping on the DVD. Transcripts in which a videographer was used also come with time-stamping on the pages of the transcript so you can locate different points in the transcript and match them up quickly and easily to the DVD image you want to see.