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Conference Suites

Get the right space, when and where you need it.

If you require a location to take remote depositions, hold a meeting or meet with a client, we connect you with first class locations. Code requirements for a depositions to be conducted within a certain radius of your witness can be complied with.   Simply provide the zip code and the radius. Hybrid depositions - remote attendees as well as live - are the new normal.   Our Remote Kits are available for delivery to those who have remote equipment needs.   Our scheduling department takes care of these arrangements!...
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Video Conferencing

You mean business. Make sure your video conferencing system does too.

Video conferencing, or video teleconferencing as it is sometimes called, allows two or more locations to communicate with one another via simultaneous audio and video. Technology has evolved to allow people to communicate and collaborate in a convenient, face-to-face setting without having to spend unnecessary time and expense for travel. Video conferencing allows you to sit at your desk and conduct a deposition in any other location. All you need is a WiFi connection! Now you have the ability to be in two places at once! All you have to do is make one phone call to let us know the locations that need to be united. We will take care of the rest. ...
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Trial Services

Systematically organize your graphic evidence and engage your audience.

Persuade them the scales of justice are heavily weighted on your side. We help bring your story to life before the jury’s eyes in a clear and convincing manner. Incorporate various mediums of technology such as Interactive PowerPoint, timelines, graphs and illustrations of damage charts, medical exhibits, video synched depositions, day-in-the-life documentaries, accident recreations and site inspections. Whether for pretrial or during, we can load and prepare your files on your iPad, or we can work in iPad-tandem and prepare your files for your trial presentation with the use of other presentation equipment such as an Elmo machine, projector, laptop or any combination of equipment. Dedicated to you and your master plan, we take you from pretrial prep to story line presentation. Till the verdict is in....
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